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A Conflict of Interest? You Betcha

According to Mesquite (NV) city Counselman George Rapson the raise for Mesquite Police managers was “justified.” Supporting Rapson were Rapson’s boss, Councilmen Geno Withelder and council member Kraig Hafen, First Counselor in the Mesquite LDS Stake Presidency.

Councilwoman Cindi Delany ... Continue Reading →


There were several bands throughout my life that have influenced me. Not just bands that I liked, but had a profound, life-changing effect. I will attempt to list them in chronological order on the way to the point of this story.

The Beatles: Even though I’m not a huge fan, I must ... Continue Reading →

Is Sony’s Cancellation of “The Interview” A Mistake?

President Barack Obama said that Sony Entertainment “made a mistake” by canceling the release of “The Interview,” a satiric movie starring comedians Seth Rogen and James Franco about an assasination plot against North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un. At his press conference ... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland by the Garden Goddess

Ahhhh, what a dream!

December for desert gardeners, brave souls who gambled that their seeds and plants might make the grade before the inevitable frost, was fabulous.

Yes indeed, we have had optimal temperatures so far, and wonderful, gentle rain, which is why I still have three tomato ... Continue Reading →

And The Beat Goes On

In March 2012, Kendrec McDade, a young man, was fatally shot by Police Officer Matthew Griffin in Pasadena. The officer mistakenly thought McDade was armed. In July 2014, Eric Garner died of a choke hold by Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Staten Island in a dispute about Garner illegally selling ... Continue Reading →

Reid Gardner – Again

About a year ago I sent the enclosed LTE (see below) to the Review Journal to try to get it printed. They didn’t print it. I went on to try to get it published in other papers in the area to no avail. It is quite obvious that the media in the area have very little concern for the quality of the ... Continue Reading →

“Let Our Veterans Die” says GOP Senator

OK, OK, he didn’t really say it that way, but he might as well have. Outgoing Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) figuratively raised his middle finger and waved it at Veterans when he singlehandedly blocked $22 Million that was aimed at programs to help prevent future veteran suicides. ... Continue Reading →

Cuba & U.S. Together Again

Yesterday marked the day when normal relations between the United States and Cuba resumed. After more than 50 years, it is about time!

American prisoner Alan Gross, who had been held by Cuba for five years, was exchanged for three Cuban prisoners. President Obama spoke with Cuban President ... Continue Reading →

Are You Confused and Perplexed?

Are you confused and perplexed ? Have you felt like you have been time-warped back to a time before the Age of Reason? Well, I am confused and not amused, as I wait for someone to pinch me to wake me up from this nightmare I am living. Here, I thought we were living in a democracy, a republic, where ... Continue Reading →