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Rand Paul Town Hall #MesquiteNV


Rand Paul in Mesquite, June 29, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul held a town hall meeting with about 90 supporters in Mesquite on Monday afternoon. Paul was on a day long swing through Nevada and Mesquite was ... Continue Reading →

Creating Clean Energy Jobs

Today electrical energy production is being increasingly generated from clean/renewable energy sources. A question is, should the United States become more reliant on renewable or clean energy sources?

Most people have heard the terms “clean” or “renewable energy.” What is clean energy? ... Continue Reading →

The Lights Will Stay on In Boulder City

As a fellow Boulderite I would like to offer some information that may ally some of the fear stokedHoover Dam Power Grid in an article of Boulder City being “on the cusp” which can be read HERE. Boulder City is not in danger of going dark and blowing away as a result of falling Lake Mead levels. Boulder City has ... Continue Reading →


NOTE 1: I originally posted this story in August 2014. Like with several others, I found the rest of the slides at my mother’s house. For the benefit of those of you that joined the party late, and as a reminder of you that forgot what I originally said, I’m repeating most of the original ... Continue Reading →