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#NVLeg Live Thread: Day 113

    6y. 6y k il uku gu yOne week left. There’s only one week left to the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature. How close are they truly to the tax & budget deal we all know they must reach? And why are so many in that Building still wasting time on #Crazytown crap like “Guns Galore” and new ... Continue Reading →


After my mother passed away in April, 2015, my sister and I went through her house and I found all of my missing slides. I’ve already done a story about my trip to Segovia and the alcazar (fortress), or a more familiar term for you, castle, which is where Columbus asked Queen Isabella for ... Continue Reading →

#NVLeg Special Report: Welcome to the End

It’s real. —-‘s getting very real now! The Nevada Legislature has just over a week left to the 78th Session, and it’s truly crunch time for #TaxTime… And a few other surprises.

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#NVLeg Live Thread: Day 110

They seem so close… Yet they seem so far away. So which is it? Just how close is the Nevada Legislature to #SineDie?

Can they pass a budget & tax deal in the nick of time? Or will “Culture War” melodrama blow it all up?
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Hardy Proposes Mt. Reagan

When freshman U.S. Congressman Crescent Hardy, (R-4th) learned that President Barack Obama might designate an area of Nevada as the Basin and Range National Monument he proposed his own national “monument.”

On May 13, Hardy introduced H.R. 2308 into the House to name a wilderness mountain peak ... Continue Reading →