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Okay, I copped that title from the movie Sixteen Candles, and paraphrased it a bit. I love when character Long Duk Dong says it. The truth is, our wedding had almost nothing to do either with a church or religion, except for the presence of a chaplain for the “show” ceremony on base. I need to ... Continue Reading →

Goal? — The Upcoming Ideological Battle in Las Vegas

It’s that time again. Yep, another election is near. This time, folks who are fortunate enough to live in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas will be voting in municipal elections. While we’ll get to the key issues at hand in Henderson and North Las Vegas later, we’ll be taking a closer look ... Continue Reading →

Spoiled “TEA”

Earlier this week, we noted Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s (R) rush to join Texas’ law suit challenging President Obama’s constitutional authority to take executive action on immigration policy. We also noted Governor Brian Sandoval’s (R) uneasiness with Laxalt’s decision to join the suit. ... Continue Reading →