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Tip Your Wait Staff

(The majority of this article was snipped from a Daily Kos piece by Laura Clawson. With the huge number of workers in the “Tipped Wage” category all around the US, I thought this was important information for us all.)

1 in 10 American workers work in restaurants. Isn’t it time to ... Continue Reading →

Expecting Moms Told to Eat More Fish

This is a follow-up of a previous piece I posted, May 22nd.

“Expecting Moms Told to Eat More Fish”, reported by The Associated Press and authored by feature writer, Mary Clark Jalonick and printed ... Continue Reading →

A World Gone Mad?

The dog days of summer are here in the United States and the news is full of death and destruction.
 The tragic shoot down of the Malaysian Airlines flight exemplifies the madness the world is now experiencing – not only over the fields of eastern Ukraine but other places as well.

The ... Continue Reading →

Hagar Had A Son

In the beginning, there was Ibrahim and Sarah. God spoke to Ibrahim and told him to be patient and he would have a child. When Sarah would not take with child, Ibrahim took a hand-maiden named Hagar. Hagar was pregnant almost immediately. Then Sarah was pregnant too. God spoke to Ibrahim again and ... Continue Reading →

Vegans and Healthy Eaters, Rejoice!

My specialty is not food – except for eating it. I buy cookbooks and peruse recipes to try at home, if I’m motivated. Too often, I am not that motivated.

I do not eat meat and am fairly health conscious, but I do have a few bad eating habits. I’ve known people with severe allergies who ... Continue Reading →

Frivolous Law Suit

They couldn’t stop it when it was originally in Congress. They couldn’t gather enough votes to repeal it thereafter. They couldn’t get it completely overturned in court. And they couldn’t defeat the President who fought for the bill and signed it into law.

So now, they’re ... Continue Reading →

Medical Marijuana – Discussed  Tonight at City Hall

Tonight, July 22, 2014 the Mesquite, NV City Council will hear public comments, do other business, and read the draft of the Proposed Ordinances regulating Medical Marijuana facilities in the City.  The path to this point has been tortuous and filled with misinformation and bias from those opposing ... Continue Reading →

Cliven Bundy and the Dangers of Fueling Extremism

Note: This article was written by Congressman Steven Horsford (D) Nv-4) and is reprinted here by permission. It was posted in the Washingtom Post late last week. (

Steven Horsford, ... Continue Reading →

Congressman Horsford Speaks on Iraq

The news about what is happening in Iraq has receded into the background.  As you recall, last month a violent Sunni insurgency movement called ISIS secured large portions of the country. In response to the crisis, President Obama sent advisors to help the Iraq government stop a potential civil war. ... Continue Reading →

The United States Withdrawal From Iraq

President Obama has recently sent troops to Iraq. The first announcement was for 100 troops. In the second announcement, the President stated that 300 more than troops were needed. Now is not the time to get heart palpitations nor to worry that we will be drawn into further combat in Iraq. The American ... Continue Reading →