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One of my first real excursions away from Torrejon was well worth the price of the ride, the e-ticket adventure, so to speak. This time I went with my friend Ron and we took the Ford Fairlane and my crappy camera skills 117 km (about 72 miles), barely circumventing Madrid and up northwest to the city ... Continue Reading →

Voters Should Say “Yes,” to Question 2

Nevada is the eighth most regressive taxing state in the Nation according to a 2009 study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic policy. That means that low and middle-income people pay a larger percentage of taxes than individuals with high-income.

It is, of course, the lack of a progressive ... Continue Reading →

Overton Power Board Candidates Discuss Energy Issues

Eight candidates are vying for three seats on the Overton Power District Board of Trustees. They are Jim Pugh, an incumbent, and Mike Young, who are competing for the Mesquite, District 5 Mesquite seat.  Dave Ballweg who wants to replace incumbent Douglas Waite, for the District 6 Mesquite seat. ... Continue Reading →

The Koch Brothers’ Politics

You know, the Koch Brothers have every right to support the candidates of their choice. If only they would do it the way the rest of us have to do it. I have no objection to them stuffing envelopes in someone’s living room, literature distribution house to house or on street corners, telephone calls ... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Fear

As a child I wasn’t afraid of very much, except something I saw once, laying in the hallway. I thought it was a snake. I still have a very vivid imagination.

I thought I was invincible. I would imagine I probably wasn’t the only child who felt this way. Sometimes, under certain ... Continue Reading →

Why Hillary? Why Bellagio? (Follow the $)

After so much anticipation and so much “controversy,” it finally happened. And surprise surprise it raised money for UNLV! Who could have guessed?

Oh, yes. That’s right. We’ve been saying all along that the Hillary Clinton UNLV fundraiser will raise money ... Continue Reading →

Words … Words … Words

What is in a word … its meaning? The answer is not always the definition provided by a dictionary, but rather the thought behind the spoken or written word…. what the speaker or the writer really means by its use or by his or her choice of words. It would make all our lives easier if everyone ... Continue Reading →