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Please Proceed, Republicans.

Last Friday, President Obama flew back to Southern Nevada to announce his executive action on immigration reform. And when he arrived at Del Sol High School, he was greeted by a very familiar face with a very amazing story to tell. Yet if the “TEA” powered Republicans had their way, she ... Continue Reading →

Justice in Ferguson

After the failure of the Grand Jury to indict the policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, we once again return to the issue of justice in America. The scales of justice are skewed towards those who are in authority and not to the victims nor to their families for closure. We need a new standard of justice ... Continue Reading →

Blue to Red, Part 4: Follow the Money

Ever since the election, we’ve been scouring every nook and cranny to figure out how and why a “giant Republican Wave” crashed down upon Nevada. Politicians and pundits have been spinning the results all sorts of ways. And various high-level Democrats have offered various excuses ... Continue Reading →


The word “politician” is often said today with a sneer and a diatribe about how we should get politicians out of Washington and our state and local governments. Comments like, “Let’s get the politicians out of Washington and give the government back to the people” are heard on every street ... Continue Reading →

Religion and Politics, A Toxic Mix

It is no accident that the first words of our Bill of Rights states the following: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

For many of our settlers they well understood the interfering hand of the state regarding the problems inherent in establishing a state ... Continue Reading →

Out of Ammo

Does anyone remember Rodney King and “Can’t we all just get along”? I have the unfortunate or fortunate (depending on your perspective) ability, of almost always being in the wrong place at the right time. I drove by him while he was being arrested.

I was taking streets home ... Continue Reading →

The Ira Hansen “November Surprise” That Shouldn’t Have Been

Over the past few days, national media outlets have been falling over each other to report the rather extreme history of Ira Hansen, the man Assembly Republicans had picked to lead them next year. How did this man elevate himself to a position of such power and prestige? And why does Nevada now have ... Continue Reading →

Do they know what they’re doing?

I’m often troubled when I read things like this: “Study recommends longer use of blood thinners for stent patients” AP staff writer Marilynn Marchione.

Millions of people with stents that prop open clogged heart arteries may need anti-clotting drugs much longer than the ... Continue Reading →