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New Topics for Discussion, August 29

This is the space we create each Saturday for our readers to discuss anything they want. HERE computer10 is the link to last week’s discussion — either continue it or start with new ideas.

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Election 2016 Live Thread: T-438 Days

So… There’s been a lot happening this week. Where should we begin?

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Election 2016 Live Thread: T-439 Days

I wasn’t expecting today to be like this. Maybe I should have. After all, this is the new, horrific “normal”. And yes, we’re talking about it today.

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The Party of “NO!”

Are the Republican Party politics of today one that demands opposition to all Democratic Party policies?no

In 2009, Americans were introduced to the party of “NO.”  Republicans opposed everything the administration of Barack Obama wanted to accomplish. You might think that is a good objective, ... Continue Reading →