Bundy Again

It looks like the Feds are getting serious about dealing with Bunkerville (Nev.) rancher Cliven Bundy’s failure to comply with court orders to remove his cattle from public lands.

Bundy, a descendant of the Mormon pioneers who settled in the area in the 19th Century, holds that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) cannot tell him where to graze his cattle. But the feds have the court order, and it is not a matter of will they enforce it, but when.

The BLM must notify Bundy about a general time in which they will remove the cattle. Bundy continually shouts that he will do whatever he must to protect his life, liberty and property. Unfortunately for Bundy his cattle are not on his property. They are grazing on the “public’s” property.

Bundy contends that the federal government lacks jurisdiction over the land where his cattle graze. The land belongs to the state, he contends. Federal judges disagree but Bundy will not accept their ruling that the land belongs to the people through the Federal government.

While the Feds must notify Bundy about the general time, they will remove the cattle, the law does not require them to notify him at his home. They could notify him while he is sitting in jail thinking about the rights of the federal government to protect the property of all the people against abuses by cowboys who have spent too much time in the sun.

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