Bill Roman for Clark County Sheriff

BillRomanMy name is Bill Roman and I’m running for Clark County Sheriff this year. I have previous police experience in both the military and civilian police work. For the last 30 years I’ve been working in corporate security management. I’m running for Clark County Sheriff this year for several reasons. One of the reasons is that there has been no improvement in our police department regarding officer involved shootings of unarmed or defenseless citizens in Clark County. As a result public safety has suffered and trust in our police department’s ability to be in the business of saving lives has been greatly diminished.

During most of the time this current Sheriff’s administration has been in power, so have 3 of the candidates, Joe Lombardo, Ted Moody and Larry Burns. Each have failed in their responsibilities to keep our citizens safe from officer involved shootings of unarmed and defenseless citizens. All were working in Metro during the shooting deaths of Trevon Cole, Eric Scott and Stanley Gibson, among others. They were working at Metro when the US Justice Department did their investigation of the department and made a number of recommendations, including the most important, de-escalation regarding the use of force. De-escalation of potential officer involved shootings has failed, and so has Metro management. In October of 2013 a Metro officer shot and seriously wounded a citizen he thought looked like someone who had committed a crime the night before. This officer involved shooting went from officer observation to enforcing the law at the point of a gun, shooting an unarmed, innocent citizen who just happened to look like someone who had committed a crime. This approach to law enforcement is unacceptable and in direct conflict with the recommendation by the USDOJ to de-escalate, which, according to Joe Lombardo, is 80% implemented. De-escalation has obviously not been part of the 80% which was implemented. The officer who shot the unarmed citizen is still on Metro, working in an administrative capacity, being paid, while awaiting the results of this, so far, 6 month long investigation. If I’m elected Sheriff I will terminate the employment of any police officer who shoots an unarmed or defenseless citizen and I will not wait 6 months to do it.

I am not a member of Metro and have never been a member of Metro. Instead of working at Metro, where a persons employment status is not always based on performance, but sometimes on longevity, I have worked for the last 30 years in a management environment where my performance counted for everything, including continued employment. And I’ve been successful. At Metro, continued employment is almost never an issue and has resulted in the failure of senior Metro management, including those currently running, to hold officers accountable who do not follow established policy. This was the case with the officer who shot the citizen in October of 2013. If elected Sheriff I will put my considerable management courage and skills to work for the citizens of Clark County.


  1. Sherri Grotheer says

    ” If I’m elected Sheriff I will terminate the employment of any police officer who shoots an unarmed or defenseless citizen and I will not wait 6 months to do it.”

    I’m always suspicious of universal claims such as the one above. So, what you’re really saying is that you will subvert the officer’s due process rights and ignore the LVMPD’s contractual obligations with its employees? Wee that should certainly help Metro’s budgetary issues.

    It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and throw softballs. I’m looking (begging) for someone to stand up and offer solutions that are not only practical, but possible.

  2. Maudie Robinson says

    I read your qualifications for Clark County Sheriff and have some concerns about your experience. Can you please explain in more detail what “I have previous police experience in both the military and civilian police work” is comprised of. Also, there’s been a lot of publicity recently about the powers of the sheriff’s office, and I’d like to know whether you agree or disagree with people like Richard Mack and Cliven Bundy concerning the authority of the state and federal governments. Thank you for your response.

  3. John Williams says

    There is an excellent story in LTN today about the positions of all of the candidates for Sheriff. Thanks to you Maudie, for doing homework, and thanks to Rudy for spending the many, many hours for the compilation in today’s edition. The link for candidates information on the left of the homepage of LTN will be maintained updated through the General Election in November. Get informed!!! and VOTE!!

  4. Norman Bass says

    Dear Sir,

    What is your view point of discontinuing the Sheriff’s handgun registration, (blue cards), policy for Clark County?

    I am a lifelong resident of Las Vegas, and I remember the policy was in place back in the early 70s. I have always felt that it was an infringement on my second amendment rights and wondered why it was implemented as no other county in our state has it!?.

    If you support keeping the policy it in place, I will not be able to vote for you in good conscience.

    Please let me know what your stance is on this issue.


    Norman D. Bass

    Concealed carry permit holder

    Vietnam Veteran

    Life Member N.R.A Endowment

    Retired Citizen

    • Brian says

      Out of curiosity Norman, how does registering your handgun infringe upon your second amendment rights?

  5. Barbara Volk says

    I want to know how long you have been a Clark County, NV resident. I like your viewpoints on Officer Shootings and I too feel that is most important in our community to Police the Police too.
    Thank you.

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