My Excommunication

I come from a long lineage of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) followers. My roots go way back to many generations of pioneers and both of my now deceased parents were born in Salt Lake City. We eventually moved to Southern California when it was still a range of bucolic smallish ... Continue Reading →

When Protect and Serve Meant Something

Do you remember being four years old? I remember being four years old in 1965 and getting lost in my own neighborhood. My grandfather used to walk with me around the cul de sac, every morning, until he wasn’t there anymore.

On this particular day, a police officer saw me alone on the ... Continue Reading →

Daring To Act

Last year, a bill emerged that seemed to upend the traditional balance of power in Carson City. It also offered to close loopholes that allow criminals to obtain lethal firearms. That bill was SB 221. State Senator Justin Jones (D-Enterprise) authored that bill.

SB 221 passed the Legislature, ... Continue Reading →

Solar Industry Kept Out of Sunny Southern States

I read an interesting report published in the Honolulu Star Advertiser: Solar industry kept out of sunny Southern states. Evan Halper with the McClatchy Newspapers,  says many of the South East states enjoy abundant sunshine, but power company executives and regulators have worked successfully to ... Continue Reading →

Is the GOP Anti-Science? … or … Do They Just Hate Scientists?

And disagree with what the scientists say! Other than that they think science is OK … as long as it doesn’t disagree with their personal and ideological beliefs. UH OH, I see a conflict coming!

Here’s the thing – Science doesn’t agree or disagree with anyone or ... Continue Reading →

Kansas Dream Is A Nightmare

The election of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback in 2010 brought with it the dream of fulfilling the promise of Tea Party heaven. Instead, the dream has become a nightmare.

The dream is that lower taxes will bring with it economic freedom. The reality for Kansans is that deep tax cuts have brought ... Continue Reading →

Why Aren’t the Bundy Perps Arrested Yet?

The recent reports of the continuing criminal activities of Cliven Lance Bundy (one of the 14 children spawned by Mormon scofflaw Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, Sr.) bring the whole ugly affair back into the spotlight. The question again arises: why haven’t Bundy and the others who blatantly broke ... Continue Reading →

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This column is written from the following perspective:

1. Every person in the world is created equal and should be treated as such.

2. No particular geographical borders are assigned by God to any one particular race or creed.

3. The predominant motivation of a person is love ... Continue Reading →

Ferguson, Missouri 2014

Come one, come all to the “show me” state. Welcome to Ferguson, Missouri, a town of 21,000 people in the heart of America. This town has shown us a picture of an America we’d like to ignore. The tragic events of last week have opened up our eyes to an ugly reality. It has shown us ... Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss DOCUTAH

If you are a film buff, you need to know about the 5th annual Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival at Dixie State University, DOCUTAH. It is one of the few university-sponsored film festivals in the United States that screens documentaries and short subject films submitted from all ... Continue Reading →