Medical Marijuana – Discussed  Tonight at City Hall

Tonight, July 22, 2014 the Mesquite, NV City Council will hear public comments, do other business, and read the draft of the Proposed Ordinances regulating Medical Marijuana facilities in the City.  The path to this point has been tortuous and filled with misinformation and bias from those opposing ... Continue Reading →

Cliven Bundy and the Dangers of Fueling Extremism

Note: This article was written by Congressman Steven Horsford (D) Nv-4) and is reprinted here by permission. It was posted in the Washingtom Post late last week. (

Steven Horsford, ... Continue Reading →

Congressman Horsford Speaks on Iraq

The news about what is happening in Iraq has receded into the background.  As you recall, last month a violent Sunni insurgency movement called ISIS secured large portions of the country. In response to the crisis, President Obama sent advisors to help the Iraq government stop a potential civil war. ... Continue Reading →

The United States Withdrawal From Iraq

President Obama has recently sent troops to Iraq. The first announcement was for 100 troops. In the second announcement, the President stated that 300 more than troops were needed. Now is not the time to get heart palpitations nor to worry that we will be drawn into further combat in Iraq. The American ... Continue Reading →


I guess the way it all started was with my best friend Dennis and I lying in the grass in my front yard in Palmdale, Calee’fornia. That night, sometime in the spring of 1969, we gazed up at the stars and contemplated our uncertain future. I was about to graduate, a year ahead of him. Viet Nam loomed.

We ... Continue Reading →

The clan Gregor (MacGregor)

If you have the following surname you may be a member of the clan Gregor ( MacGregor), according to researchers associated with the Clan Gregor DNA Project.

Acheson, Agee, Agor, Allison, Alvarado, Anderson, Argyle, Bain, Bannerman, Bennett, Black, Blackburn, Borrowman, Boyd, Brink, Brunson, ... Continue Reading →

Hostages Again?

Anyone who has been following the continuing saga of the influx of children arriving at our Southern Border has now seen a disgusting display of partisanship and just general irrational cold heartedness from the Republican/tea party side of the aisle.  These children are traveling over 1500 miles, ... Continue Reading →

The Heat Is On

It’s been awfully hot outside lately. In fact, records are being broken. Fallon, Yerington, & Lovelock are all breaking their previous respective record highs. 105 degrees? And Reno drives the thermometer to 103 degrees.

Hmmm … Why does this seem familiar? Perhaps this is because ... Continue Reading →

FCC Blocks Net Neutrality Efforts

In December, I asked readers to consider a world where corporations owned regulated and controlled the content and devices one used to connect to the internet. Consider a corporate required PC Cards, Mobile Hotspot devices, Wi-Fi & USB Modems and more furnished by monopolized corporations. Any ... Continue Reading →

Former Elected Officials Arrested on Multiple Felony Charges

Tuesday morning, July 15th, 2014, the two previous Attorneys General of the State of Utah were taken into custody at their homes, then booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on multiple charges.

Those charges include misusing public money; engaging in a pattern of unlawful activity; unlawfully ... Continue Reading →