Guns, Guns and More Guns

Are you loving your guns, America? Loving the concept that every person is entitled to any gun, at any time, for any reason, no gun barrelquestions asked? How dare anyone suggest a safety course be required or that a person be licensed for a weapon of mass destruction? A background check? Are you kidding? ... Continue Reading →

Election 2016 Live Thread: T-438 Days

So… There’s been a lot happening this week. Where should we begin?

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Election 2016 Live Thread: T-439 Days

I wasn’t expecting today to be like this. Maybe I should have. After all, this is the new, horrific “normal”. And yes, we’re talking about it today.

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The Party of “NO!”

Are the Republican Party politics of today one that demands opposition to all Democratic Party policies?no

In 2009, Americans were introduced to the party of “NO.”  Republicans opposed everything the administration of Barack Obama wanted to accomplish. You might think that is a good objective, ... Continue Reading →

Election 2016 Live Thread: #NCES8 Wrap-up/@POTUS Edition (T-440 Days)

So that happened. Yep, President Obama was back in Nevada yesterday. Senator Harry Reid pulled off another star-studded Clean Energy Summit. And yes, finally, we heard plenty of juicy climate change policy goodness.

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