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Early Voting or Otherwise

Early Voting has been quite exciting. The first day I was witness to a friend, borrowing a Sheriff’s vehicle. I was trapped in the parking lot until 5 p.m. I thought I had a bright idea, parking on the other side of the entrance to the Ian Deutch Complex. Turns out it wasn’t such a bright ... Continue Reading →

Who Are This Year’s Innovators Tackling Climate Change and Promoting Energy Efficiency?

The 2014 winners of the Presidential Green Chemistry Awards have done it again.  These scientists are helping to crack the code and solve some of the most challenging problems facing our modern ... Continue Reading →

“I Am Not A Scientist” Some Men’s Folly

Current Republican Michigan representative to Congress, Dr. Dan Benishek, recently told an ABC news reporter that his medical background qualified him to “reject” scientific consensus that human activity is causing the earth to warm up.

He joins the chorus of well-known politicians ... Continue Reading →

Race for Nevada Lieutenant Governor Has Several Meanings

The race for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada between Republican Mark Hutchison and Democrat Lucy Flores has several meanings.

If Hutchison wins, it will allow Republican Governor Brian Sandoval to pass the Governor’s seat to him in order to run against U.S. Senator Harry Reid in 2016. If Flores ... Continue Reading →

Dark Money To The Rescue – Bush’s Brain Invades

Cresent Hardy’s flailing campaign to unseat incumbent Congressman Steven Horsford got a boost from Dark Money last week, courtesy of Karl Rove and his superpac of anonymous donors, Crossroads GPS. Rove can’t spend all the secret money he collects from ultra-wealthy special interest folks who try ... Continue Reading →

Scientists Surface With Tales of Discoveries

A federal ship recently returned from the far Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to Honolulu with new discoveries. There is evidence of aquatic species never seen before, scientists reported. Using new technology called “re breather” scuba gear, scientists were able to dive deeper than ever ... Continue Reading →