What Do the Koch Brothers Support?

Koch libertarian platformAn awful lot has been said about the political influence that polluting industrialists Charles and David Koch are buying in the GOP in particular and in the nation in general.

So who are these brothers and what “principles” do they believe in other than the obvious ownership of GOP ... Continue Reading →

After the Storm: Notes on #Katrina10

In some ways, it feels like an eternity ago. In other ways, it feels like yesterday. It seems so distant, yet I still remember it so vividly.

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. What has changed since then? And what still needs to change?

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NOTE: Before I get started, I want to clear something up, jussincase. I’ve liberally used the term You Ess And A throughout my stories. I’ve probably already given credit to Sasha Baron Cohen and his character Borat for coining the phrase. However, that’s not quite accurate. Truth be told, ... Continue Reading →