Taxes: Flat, Fair or None, Part I

This is the first of a three-part series on the Libertarian approach to tax reform, or how to reduce taxes and the size oftaxes1 copy government.

On the last morning of FreedomFest, July 11, 2015, there was panel titled “Flat Tax, Fair Tax, No Tax: The Future of Tax Reform Around the World”. The ... Continue Reading →

Officials Tell BLM of Water Concerns

In July, elected officials from the city of Mesquite (NV) and the Virgin Valley Water Board (VVWB) separately advised the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that they opposed oil and gas leasing on 94 nominated parcels of public land totaling 140,389 acres north of the city in adjoining Lincoln ... Continue Reading →


Phoenix had its charm. I settled in at the Luke AGE shop and got to know the denizens at dispatch, where they shoved me instead of the main shop. Dispatch was across the flightline from the main maintenance shop. I didn’t mind being with a bunch of crazy loons, which fit more with my frame of ... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton’s Green Energy Plan


Las Vegas, September 2014

I am an unabashed advocate of fighting climate change and cleaning up the air we breathe.

We need to greatly increase the use of renewable green energy and eliminate the use of fossil fuel energy ... Continue Reading →