Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton

Bernie_NALEO5While Republicans confront their summer of discontent, the Democratic Party has a wealth of riches. Democrats are happy with their leading presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Who will win the nomination?

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Election 2016 “On the Go” Round-up

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been running around quite a lot lately. And yes, I’m flying out again today. But before I go, I might as well catch you up on everything happening this week.

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Why So Dry? The Tale of the Tired Truckee

Are you scared yet? Maybe we should be? Is it truly that bad?

What if it is? And what exactly are we doing about it? This is the shockingly true story of the Truckee River and the precarious situation Northern Nevada is now in.

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Northern Nevada Has Plenty of PRIDE

So I did Northern Nevada PRIDE last weekend. This was my first Reno PRIDE event, and this was my first LGBTQ PRIDE celebration since last month’s US Supreme Court marriage equality victory. Oh, and I think this is the first time I’ve experienced such a charming, Mayberry-esque small town vibe ... Continue Reading →