Trains – Something Else to Worry About!

The Interstate 15 highway was not the only casualty in the recent floods in Southern Nevada.

Everyone has seen some pictures and heard about the problems caused when Hurricane Norbert brought record rainfall into the Moapa/Overton area of Southern Nevada that washed out sections of Interstate ... Continue Reading →

Real or Fantasy, Too Tough for Teddy

What’s the big deal about Fantasy Football? Isn’t real football enough? Maybe fantasy football is just a way to get more football without paying exorbitant ticket prices. But if you think it’s cheap, don’t be fooled. The entertainment industry runs more on advertising than on ticket sales, ... Continue Reading →


As many of you are aware, we have an Air Force installation that was named, not too many years ago, after General Wilbur Creech. He retired here in Las Vegas, and passed away in 2003. Thirty miles north of town, along Highway 95 lies the former Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field. I worked there for ... Continue Reading →

Mesquite Vistas HOA President Responds to Stuckey & Wilson


There are some who believe a website is not anonymous simply because it has a mandatory URL (website address). The anonymity resides in not disclosing the names of the host; the steering committee members; the webmaster; the donors; the participating ... Continue Reading →

Nevada politicians split over ISIL strategy

Nevada’s elected officials in Washington split two to four over President Barack Obama’s plan to spend billions arming “vetted” rebels to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) which passed the Senate 78-22 on Thursday and the House 273-156 on Wednesday.  The legislation also ... Continue Reading →



Gordon Shepherd, President of the Mesquite Vistas Home Owners Association Board, in his message when referencing the petition that was circulated for his recall from office wrote, “The significant word in this petition movement is anonymous”.

He ... Continue Reading →

Mean Spirited Homeowners??

The Mesquite Vistas Community Association President Labels Homeowners, “mean spirited”.

Gordon Shepherd, President of the Mesquite Vistas Community Association continues to try to distract from the real issues in the “President’s Message” that was mailed to the Mesquite ... Continue Reading →

The Secret (Is Out)

What was an inconvenient snow flurry is suddenly becoming a dangerous avalanche. U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) are calling for the San Francisco 49ers to bench Ray McDonald while he’s under investigation for abusing his ... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Underground, Week 3

Week 2’s games saw an amazing amount of key injuries to major fantasy football players as well as criminal allegations that will affect your lineup for the week. Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson were first rounders in all mock drafts. For those who drafted Charles, Kniles Davis, his backup is ... Continue Reading →