Criminalization of Poverty with a Heap of Racism – Recipe for Dissent

The 2008 campaign and subsequent election of Barack Obama began a dialogue about a post-racial America. Liberals wanted to believe that the election of a black President showed that the decades-long fight for equal rights had born fruit, and conservatives were happy to use it to argue a lack of causation ... Continue Reading →

The Real Issue in the A.G. Race

It was supposed to be the ultimate battle royale. It was supposed to be a war between Nevada royal families. It was supposed to be one of the “hot ticket races” of the 2014 election cycle.

Early this year, G-O-TEA operatives were salivating over the opportunity to knock out Ross ... Continue Reading →


The emergence of ISIS or ISIL has presented the West with a huge problem. What to do with ISIS?

The Jihadists in Iraq and Syria have declared an Islamic State, to be ruled by Sharia law and with Abu Bakr al Baghdadi as its caliph. It is an unrecognized state by other countries at the present ... Continue Reading →

Why Are Happy Endings So Bad?

By: Elizabeth

On a recent visit to Las Vegas I drove past a massage parlor, signage read “Lucky Massage”.  I asked my husband if he thought that was covert for get your happy ending here.  It wasn’t in the nicest part of town, in a strip mall, built in the 60′s.

It ... Continue Reading →

What Should We Do in Iraq and Syria?

The “Wall Street Journal” printed an opinion piece entitled “So What Will You Do, Mr. President?” It was written in the aftermath of that awful tragedy of Journalist James Foley’s execution by ISIS. Among other statements the article said, “Like any evil in human history ... Continue Reading →

Charitable Giving May Be Easier Than You Think

Would you like to be able to give more to charity? Most people today just don’t have extra income. Even those with a pretty good income are being careful about spending, and are trying to save for a rainy day or for retirement. Retired people are especially careful, because they are probably not ... Continue Reading →


NOTE: This next story is about bullfighting. If you’re a PETA radical, animal rights activist, vegan, or generally frown upon graphic content, you might want to skip this story. I describe it the way I saw it at the time (and for many years afterward), and I won’t apologize. Would ... Continue Reading →

Immigrant Searches

We are a nation of immigrants. Even original Native Americans came across the Beringia land bridge that connected Siberia with Alaska some 30,000 years ago. You won’t find those records in a genealogy library. However, the genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas is available. [i]

For ... Continue Reading →

My Excommunication

I come from a long lineage of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) followers. My roots go way back to many generations of pioneers and both of my now deceased parents were born in Salt Lake City. We eventually moved to Southern California when it was still a range of bucolic smallish ... Continue Reading →

When Protect and Serve Meant Something

Do you remember being four years old? I remember being four years old in 1965 and getting lost in my own neighborhood. My grandfather used to walk with me around the cul de sac, every morning, until he wasn’t there anymore.

On this particular day, a police officer saw me alone on the ... Continue Reading →