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Now, we feel more secure…

On February 24th. Secretary Chuck Hagel announced an explosive politically charged announcement before mid-term elections to recommend billions of dollars to be cut from the Pentagon/defense  budget—while minimizing the impact on preparedness and capability. We’ll cut the size of the ... Continue Reading →

November 22, 1963 … JFK Murdered

I have always liked JFK, not as a Democrat, but as a man of understanding, a war hero, a leader who stood up for our nation and her citizens, and though not a perfect human, a man of dignity and principle. He supported the Constitution and our peoples rights, he believed in a man’s worth was ... Continue Reading →

The TRUTH Will Set You Free!

Over the past few years in this forum and everywhere else, one of the conservative talking points used to attempt to degrade the President and his party has gone something like this: If President Obama and the Democrats care so much about _____________(insert here whatever issue the GOP is refusing ... Continue Reading →

Blue to Red, Part 3: Why Didn’t These Districts Swing (Like NV-04)?

Will he or won’t he? That’s what has the pundits and players buzzing. After his shocking defeat in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District (NV-04), outgoing Rep. Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas) is already signaling he may not want to stay out of Congress for too long. After being ... Continue Reading →

Overton Power District Should Do True Net Metering


This article presents some reasons that I believe that the Overton Power District (OPD) should do true Net Metering, instead of the buy-sell billing that they use to get a little bit of extra revenue from customers who have solar arrays. Most of the article is ... Continue Reading →

Linda Tirado Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America. 2014

This is a book review. I borrowed this book from the library after reading her blog on poverty in The Huffington Post in August. The post was then picked up by Forbes and The Nation.  It was a great piece of writing as was the follow up blog.

Years ago when I was ... Continue Reading →