The Stars & Stripes bookstore provided all forms of a printed media lifeline to the “world” as some liked to call it. I really, really hated that term because to say Spain wasn’t the “world” was just plain idiotic. Sure, it was a far-off furrin’ place and wasn’t the good old You Ess ... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Virgin River Gorge

If you’ve ever driven the I-15 through Arizona connecting Utah with Nevada, you have been on oneVirgin River Gorge 2 of the most beautiful highways in the nation through the Virgin River Gorge.

By the time this 29. 4 mile highway was finished in 1973, it was considered one of the greatest engineering feats in the ... Continue Reading →

Culture of God and Guns

A plague is upon us! For some reason whether it is fear and or insecurity there is a nationwide movementgod_and_guns_by_kieth_wolfe-d5wetj5 to have open carry laws in each state. The idea that by carrying a gun you will be safer is just insane.

What are people afraid of to where they feel it is necessary to carry a gun? You would ... Continue Reading →

#NVLeg Live Thread: Day 81

It was a bombshell. It was a revelation. And it was… A “spoof”?! Really?!

Such is life in the Nevada Legislature.
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