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“Let Our Veterans Die” says GOP Senator

OK, OK, he didn’t really say it that way, but he might as well have. Outgoing Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) figuratively raised his middle finger and waved it at Veterans when he singlehandedly blocked $22 Million that was aimed at programs to help prevent future veteran suicides. ... Continue Reading →

Cuba & U.S. Together Again

Yesterday marked the day when normal relations between the United States and Cuba resumed. After more than 50 years, it is about time!

American prisoner Alan Gross, who had been held by Cuba for five years, was exchanged for three Cuban prisoners. President Obama spoke with Cuban President ... Continue Reading →

Are You Confused and Perplexed?

Are you confused and perplexed ? Have you felt like you have been time-warped back to a time before the Age of Reason? Well, I am confused and not amused, as I wait for someone to pinch me to wake me up from this nightmare I am living. Here, I thought we were living in a democracy, a republic, where ... Continue Reading →

Congress Deals Kick in the Nuts to the Decades Long “War on Drugs”

Several provisions in the just passed Spending Bill are very BAD for this country, including the most egregious of all, deregulating derivatives trading. You can read James Snow’s article that lists several of ... Continue Reading →

Are We a Democracy or an Oligarchy?

Ronald Reagan loved to give simple quotes the masses could lap up like ice cream.  One of his most famous bumper sticker quality quotes is “The government is not the solution to our problem, the government is the problem”.  While some people love that quote, when I hear it, ... Continue Reading →

They Brought the “TEA Party” to Carson City

When I wake up in the morning, I make sure to start my day off right. That means a boiling pot of water for my chai tea, checking various TV news channels, catching up with all the big newspaper headlines… And most importantly, scrolling through Jon Ralston’s Twitter feed.

So I ... Continue Reading →

The Great Green Bust?

In 2013, the Nevada Legislature passed SB 374 to solve the twelve-year stalemate over medical marijuana. Voters approved legalization of medical marijuana in 1998 and 2000 when they overwhelmingly passed Question 9. But because the initiative had some vague wording and did not include enough provisions ... Continue Reading →

Wounded Warriors, Veterans and Sick Kids

I have tremendous respect for wounded veterans, and for all who have served our country bravely. I think they should all receive all of the support they need and deserve. But I am tired of seeing commercials for The Wounded Warriors, especially the one featuring Trace Adkins. I don’t have anything ... Continue Reading →


I’ve always had a fascination with ocean liners, ever since my Grandpa Frank and I browsed an encyclopedia when I was about three years old. I lived in either Lakewood or Hawthorne, Calee’fornia and he used to read to me while I sat on his lap. One day, we came across this classic photo of the ... Continue Reading →

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Who didn’t know that?

It’s pretty funny that Pope Francis consoles a little boy over the loss of his pet by stating that animals are part of God’s kingdom in the afterlife, and sets off a theological firestorm.

Huh? What? The Pope just reversed thousands of years of Roman Catholic ... Continue Reading →