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Bundy Back In The News

Back in April, one “outlaw cowboy” in Bunkerville decided to wage a “range war” against the federal government. So he gathered an army of fellow “outlaw cowboys” to point guns at federal agents and back up traffic on The 15. And the rest is history…

Except ... Continue Reading →

A Message from Hawaii … Part II

The guest speaker, Home Le’amohala continued his important message to the attentive audience at the Ali Wai Clubhouse Auditorium in Honolulu.

We are all connected; take care of the land, ocean and all living creatures. The deserts are expanding globally by 27,000 square miles annually. ... Continue Reading →

Congressman Horsford Supports Veterans

I met Representative Steven Horsford (NV-4) on the Field of Flags, 1000 Flags over Mesquite, last year.  Down to earth and friendly, but not overly friendly.  He is one of those guys who will shake your hand and you realize he is a very special young man.  He is charismatic, but lacks the bluster ... Continue Reading →

Better the Devil You Know?

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Making a choice between two questionable candidates is far too common in today’s political environment. That ... Continue Reading →


One of my first real excursions away from Torrejon was well worth the price of the ride, the e-ticket adventure, so to speak. This time I went with my friend Ron and we took the Ford Fairlane and my crappy camera skills 117 km (about 72 miles), barely circumventing Madrid and up northwest to the city ... Continue Reading →