Labor vs. Capital – It’s Time to Strike a Fair Balance

What is the value of Labor? All economists understand that producing a product (goods) requires both CAPITAL (money invested in plants, equipment, and resources, and other non-financial assets) and LABOR (human exertion in the production of products and services). ... Continue Reading →


I shouldn’t count the times I tried to drive my friend’s Triumph two-seater convertible, out in the desert east of Palmdale, Calee’fornia when I was in high school. Those little forays didn’t amount to much, except a ruined transmission in what today would be a collector’s car. That poor ... Continue Reading →

Water Rate Increases

When the Virgin Valley Water Board adopted a 36% rate increase for existing base and volumetric usage rates in 2010, it lacked, as did two previous rate studies, provisions for any capital projects or deferred maintenance.

Nor did the rate increases factor in anticipated water conservation ... Continue Reading →

What Pro-Choice Means To Me

I was talking to a friend the other day about politics of course. I happened to mention, should a woman run for President, I thought Elizabeth Warren would be outstanding. She said to me (notice I said she), she didn’t think any woman should be in a position of power like that. I asked her why, ... Continue Reading →

Bucket List

Just over a month ago, this became official National Rife Association policy: “Everyone gets a gun.”

We warned of the dangerous folly of this policy. But of course, the NRA and its “TEA” powered allies refused to listen.

Charles Vacca was a firearms instructor ... Continue Reading →

Fresh Facts on Medical Marijuana

Nevada residents have been caught up in the debate this year on whether to allow medical marijuana facilities in their communities. This is a state, mind you, that was one of the first to legalize medical marijuana through a ballot initiative in 2000. But it took our state government until this year ... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Together

With so much wrong in the world today, it’s no surprise many are overwhelmed and feel there is little they, as individuals, can do to effect change. Too often people give up and let anger, frustration and apathy take over their lives.

The pro status quo folks take great delight in the many ... Continue Reading →

Criminalization of Poverty with a Heap of Racism – Recipe for Dissent

The 2008 campaign and subsequent election of Barack Obama began a dialogue about a post-racial America. Liberals wanted to believe that the election of a black President showed that the decades-long fight for equal rights had born fruit, and conservatives were happy to use it to argue a lack of causation ... Continue Reading →

The Real Issue in the A.G. Race

It was supposed to be the ultimate battle royale. It was supposed to be a war between Nevada royal families. It was supposed to be one of the “hot ticket races” of the 2014 election cycle.

Early this year, G-O-TEA operatives were salivating over the opportunity to knock out Ross ... Continue Reading →