The Big Three Public School Textbook Publishers

The first book of any girth I ever read was, “The Borrowers”, written by Mary Norton and originally published by J.M. Dent. I don’t know who publishes it now, or even if it’s still in publication.

I remember being in 5th grade and having finished all the “Hi-Light” ... Continue Reading →

Fast Food and Big Pharma

I came across this editorial written by Dr. Ira Zunin in the “Honolulu Star Advertiser.”  I contacted Dr. Zunin who obtained permission from the publication for me to reprint it. I think this commentary is exceptional and hope it gives the readers food ... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Militarization of Our Society

Police Force
I lived in St. Louis, Missouri for about 35 years before coming to Mesquite.
After seeing and reading about the Ferguson, Missouri problem with the Police, I was very very upset. Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis and we lived in the St Louis ... Continue Reading →

Hardy A Poor Choice for Congress

Nevada Republican state Assemblyman Cresent Hardy is the last person voters should choose to represent them in Congress. Hardy, wants to unseat Democrat Stephen Horsford, to represent the people of Nevada’s 4th Congressional District in Washington, D.C.

Hardy has zero understanding ... Continue Reading →

The Unwarranted Shooting of Civilians is Out of Control

WAY Out of Control!

The shooting of unarmed and/or minimally armed citizens in the U.S. is way out of control. It has been going on….and going up ….. constantly for decades. Somewhere along the line the emphasis in training for police officers has transformed from “your job is to ... Continue Reading →


There’s an old ism in the military that says “Never volunteer for anything.” I’d say that applies most of the time. Many times, they tell you nothing. They just say they need bodies with no further explanation. It might be to pick up body parts from a plane crash site. It might be to police ... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Underground, Week 4

This past week in the NFL saw the fantasy stardom of Andrew Luck continue as he led his team to a desperately need victory. It also witnessed a seminal game for the Eagle quarterback, Noles and the surprising skill of Kirk Cousins for the Skins. The running back situation for the owners of fantasy ... Continue Reading →

The Economics of Virgin Valley Water

Authors note:  Discussions on the economics of water with Sandra Ramaker, who is running for re-election to the VVWB, provided the stimulus for this article.

In the Western United States water is considered “real property,” like a home or land. Water is not real property in the ... Continue Reading →

Towards a Comprehensive Strategy in Foreign Affairs

These are challenging and scary times on the world stage that require an overall strategy. LA Times Editorial writer Andrew Bacevich offers us all some challenging questions. It is true that we can not count on the Military to give us a permanent solution to the problems of the Middle East. Our ultimate ... Continue Reading →

A Message From Hawaii … Malama Pono

A magnificent place on our planet, the Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated land mass in the world.  Polynesians began to inhabit the archipelago around the ninth century. Western history claims Europeans arrived,with Captain  Cook  in 1778 reporting the islands hosted a robust population of ... Continue Reading →